About Us

The Solace Community is a non-profit organisation (founded by Thomas Harvey-Beswick) that provides specialist supported housing for individuals who have experienced homelessness. 

Our portfolio of 70 units consists of a mixture of  two large group homes and five smaller semi-independent houses, all located within a short distance to each other.

Providing accommodation that is of good quality is just part of the services The Solace Community provides as our aim is to break the destructive cycle of homelessness on both the individual and society.

Recognising the needs and aspirations of everyone, this will determine what care and support services are provided.

Working in partnership with local strategic agencies, we provide a nurturing and holistic environment for individuals to address a diverse range of issues, to include:

    • Mental Health1
    • Managing money
    • Property bidding
    • Personal administration
    • Managing tenancy and accomodation
    • Gender-specific issues
    • Adjustment from institutional care
    • Support with self-care and hygiene needs
    • Educational and vocational opportunities
    • Physical health

All individuals will have a tailor-made support package, which will be designed, monitored and updated continuously by the individual, along with their project worker, and any external agencies involved.

Our Mission Statement

Solace Mission Poster