Meet The Team

                                                             Thomas Harvey-Beswick

                                                                    Founder and Chair

Thomas Harvey-Beswick

Thomas Harvey-Beswick has worked as a mental health director for over 25 years. At the age of 16, he obtained employment in Coventry as a Residential Care Worker with those suffering from mental health or physical disabilities. In order to broaden his social work experience and enhance his professional development, he moved to Wolverhampton in 1985 and gained work with Manpower Services in a Community Care Team. However, at this time, the Care in the Community Policy was at the height of its impact in releasing those with mental health who had been in long term institutional care back into the community. As a result of these policies, these people were having difficulties with their isolation, bewilderment, and stark reality of their everyday lives in an alien environment. He became frustrated at the confines of his role and the restrictions placed upon him in assisting their plight.

Therefore, at the very young age of 21, Thomas decided to actively seek and create a safe and stable environment within the community for them to live in. In 1983 and still only 21, Thomas was the first person to set up a hostel for people with mental health and alcohol and mood-altering substance dependency. He broke new ground with the local authority by investing his own savings into opening a hostel. Despite warnings from financial advisors of the risk he was undertaking, Thomas proceeded to make his dream reality. In October 1990, his dream became a haven where everybody regardless of mental or physical disability would be treated fairly and accepted. Since its opening, the service has taken in some of the most difficult to place clients in the community such as offenders on parole, schedule one offenders and some of the more acute cases of mental health and substance addiction.
Nestled within a diverse community of inner city dwellers, the service has been successful in creating a stable environment in which people can live and a community that trusts the safety and confines of his hostel. Since its advent, Thomas completed “Community Safety” work long before it was acknowledged and has statistically found a more successful method of preventing criminals from re-offending and becoming a danger to the community.

Since 1990, the service has grown in status and what originally began as an 8 bedded project has now
increased in size to offer semi-independent living in 5 houses near to the original hostel for 70 residents.

Finance Director

Sue Bowdler

Sue Bowdler FCCA, is a qualified Accountant who has worked in the accountancy profession for in excess of 30 years. She runs her own successful accounting practice, advising a varied portfolio of clients in accounting and taxation matters as well as providing strategic and business planning advice. This wealth of financing and business knowledge assists Sue in her role as Finance Director of The Solace Community, where she prepares the annual budgets and supervises the day-to-day finance activities of the business, as well as dealing with legal and business compliance issues.

Service Provisions Director

Lynda Hewson

Lynda is a qualified Early Years Teacher who has worked in the education profession for over 17 years. She also served as Designated Safeguarding Lead Officer, which involved dealing with issues of safeguarding, providing advice to the staff, liaising with local authorities, and working with a range of agencies; all of which required an excellent knowledge of policy and procedure along with accurate record keeping.

In addition to all of this, she was the Special Educational Needs Officer (SENCO), which involved identifying needs, applying for funding, and working with other agencies to give children the best possible outcomes. Lynda now looks forward to applying her knowledge and skills in her role as Service Provisions Director at The Solace Community.


Service Provisions Manager
Belinda Taylor

Belinda is responsible for overseeing all aspects of effective service delivery in the 24 hour provision of the supported accommodation.

In Belinda’s Own Words:

“Hi! I am Belinda Taylor, the Service Provisions Manager for The Solace Community in Wolverhampton. Our doors opened on 14.08.2014.

We started out with 11 pre-existing service users that had chosen to stay from the exiting previous service. Since then, we have grown in numbers, and even added more rooms to our portfolio. Our aim is to help as many homeless people we can: we try and offer them a home from home and make each and every one welcome.

I began working for Thomas Harvey-Beswick way back in 1999. I joined his previous company in the area of housekeeping, working part time. I can only think that he saw the potential and passion in me. From then on, I worked my way through the service in the following capacities: key worker, support worker, project worker, and deputy manager.

I decided to work within the mental health field, as I wanted to do something that matters for vulnerable people who cannot always help themselves. I find it fulfilling to work in this industry, because I can see firsthand and directly the positive impact I have on another person. I can immediately provide someone with a resource that can make their lives a little better.

For those who have been abused, neglected, traumatized, or who do not feel they can trust anyone, my fulfillment comes when I see them opening up and reaching back.”

Finance Officer
Laura White

Laura is here to ensure that the financial resources of the The Solace Community are efficiently managed and accurately accounted and to report on the organisation’s financial performance to the Board of Directors. She is here to review and recommend expenditure and income levels for Company budgets and to monitor and achieve financial targets.

She is also here to support clients with their financial queries regarding benefits.

Deputy Manager

Steve Taylor

In Steve’s Own Words:

“I am Steve Taylor. I started working at The Solace Community as a part-time Night Hostel worker in October, 2016. Why this field? Was it just a job to pay the bills? No, it was never just a job, or just to pay the bills. It is a passion of mine to help people achieve the best possible life they can, and with support I believe everyone can improve and grow into a better person, myself included.

During my life, I have been affected by several of the issues that the clients we support are going through at this present time in their lives. However, with hard work and perseverance, I have now reached the point where I can not only help people move on, but also be a working example of how if you chase your dreams, you can achieve whatever you want to do.

Since I started with the company as a part time Night Hostel Worker, within three months I became a full-time Night Hostel Worker before becoming night supervisor. After being with the company for 14 months, I then moved onto being a member of the project staff on days. Now, I am Deputy Manager and look forward to waking up and coming to work where no two days are the same. It can be extremely challenging at times, but so rewarding, knowing you have made a positive difference in people’s lives and working with a fantastic team who are truly like a second family.”

Health & Safety Compliance Officer

John Maybury

Night Hostel Workers

 Stephen Spilsbury, Tina W., Haroon A., and Reese J.

The Night Hostel Team makes life easier for clients by chatting with clients, checking the grounds about The Solace Community and assisting clients with their concerns during nights. Clients have expressed that the team is very caring and attentive.

Project Workers
Annemarie Jackson & Stephen Beswick

Housing Management Staff

The Project Worker team are here to provide a customer focused enhanced housing management service to our clients, ensuring that they are provided with appropriate advice and options to maintain their tenancies.

They are here to be responsible for the general housing management services provided within our buildings, and to maintain a safe and secure environment within all buildings.

In Annemarie’s Own Words:

“My name is Annemarie Jackson, and I started working at The Solace Community in 2015. At that time I was a night hostel worker. I then progressed to a day role where I was a project worker. After several months, my potential was seen, and I was offered the position of office manager. I have always been passionate about the work I do and have worked in the field for over 24 years. I first started to work with the homeless at the Good Shepherd. I worked in the soup kitchen where people who were rough sleepers came in to eat and drink on a daily basis. After working in the soup kitchen, I found the job very rewarding helping people less fortunate than myself. I then realised that homelessness can affect anyone and this made me value the role that I have played helping. The more vulnerable in our society.”

Support Worker – The Offord Centre
David Wheeler

David is here to help clients lead more positive lifestyles, meeting with them for
regular support planning and review sessions. Also, to help them address the
issues identified in these meetings with the goal of promoting greater
He works with local statutory and voluntary agencies to enable clients to partake
in educational and leisure activities.
He develops and manages the Offord Centre, facilitating a diverse range of
community activities.
In addition, David has done a great deal of work with service users around
personal issues such as securing dental and optician appointments. He supports
the service users to attend these appointments by going with them if required.
David also works with the service users to sort personal benefits as well.

Referrals Administrator

Neil Adcock

In Neil’s Own Words:

“My name is Neil Adcock, and I am the Referrals Administrator for The Solace Community, a role which involves working alongside partnership agencies to provide appropriate supported accommodation for clients in their time of need, with a view to assisting them on their road to recovery and a sense of normality.

Prior to working at The Solace, I have held positions within both the Local Authority and the private sector for 20+ years working with vulnerable adults and Children. In 2010, this job which I was already passionate about, took on a whole new meaning when my eldest brother died on the streets of Walsall having lost the battle against chronic alcoholism and pneumonia.

I have since made it a personal commitment, alongside that of the commitment given by The Solace in its mission statement to ensure that no one, where possible, will be left out and unable to receive the services available to them to address their personal issues.”

Maintenance Team
Jordan Lee, Anthony Rowton, and Colin Preece

Jordan, Anthony, John, and Colin are here to provide a vital, customer-focused
maintenance and repair service to the portfolio of buildings occupied by The
Solace Community. They complete a variety of building repairs on an ongoing
basis, reporting works outside of their capability to the Maintenance and CCTV
Auditors, Third Party Consultants, the Service Provision Manager and Service Coordinator.

They ensure all vacant units are ready to be re-let within the specified timeframes, ensuring the units are suitably prepared for accommodation, and that the communal areas of the building are all of the highest standards. They see to all repairs and void works being completed in short order and within budget, assuring value for money is achieved for all maintenance expenditure.
Our dedicated maintenance team are committed to helping our service users in a voluntary capacity offering opportunities to learn skills such as painting, decorating, and basic maintenance. If our service users wish to volunteer, as they find there is little to do occasionally, the maintenance team will occupy them by including them in some of the basic maintenance, for example, assisting the team with gardening and recycling duties around the building.

Senior Housekeeper
Sandra Maybury

Sandra provides a client focused cleaning, housekeeper and catering service to the portfolio of buildings occupied by The Solace Community and is responsible for overseeing the day to day cleaning of all communal areas and client’s rooms.

She ensures that good quality catering service is provided in line with the Safer Food Better Business Guidelines, also working closely with the cook to oversee meal plans and ordering of food.

Sandra and her team also work with clients to ensure their rooms are of a good clean standard. They help them with tasks such as, laundry, vacuuming and cleaning their own bathrooms. Therefore, encouraging clients to take a pride in their home.

Caroline Drinkwater & Hayley Cooper

Caroline and Hayley are here to provide a client-focused cleaning and housekeeping service to the portfolio of buildings occupied by The Solace Community. They are responsible for the day-to-day cleaning of all communal areas including office spaces, meeting rooms, reception areas, hallways, kitchen areas and toilets.
They are also responsible for the cleaning and preparation of client’s rooms.

Jackie Gordon

Jackie works as an integrated member of the Solace team to provide a high quality of meals to the customers of The Solace Community.

She undertakes all aspects of this work including the ordering and management of stock and in conjunction with the Senior Housekeeper, the planning and preparation of highly nutritional menus bearing in mind the allowed budget.

To contact any member of our team, either telephone us (01902 710010) or email us at, stating who you are trying to contact.