Personal Care and Support Services

The Solace Community has devised a core menu of personal services that aims to:

  • Develop a chargeable banding system, based on only delivering services to those who want or need it
  • Provide services that are person centred, giving the customer more choice and control and is flexible and responsive to need.
  • Provide value for money.
  • Meet the requirements of the personalisation agenda

The introduction of a banded charging system provides a fair and equitable service that allows for flexibility and provides a person centred approach to service delivery. The system links charges to support needs and offers 3 levels of services that give transparency of charging to people without being overly prescriptive.

This new charging system moves away from a ‘one size fits all’ block contract and embraces the concept of personalisation/individual budgets and provides a transparent charging system irrespective whether an individual is being funded by the local authority or is self-funding for the core personal services they are receiving.

This 3 tier menu of personal services will provide personal charges that reflect the level of services being provided.

Independent Living (Low Support Level)

Assisted Living (Medium Support Level)

Supported Living (High Support Level)